Paris Catacombs Entrance: Unveiling the Secrets Below Paris

Welcome to the City of Lights, where a world filled with mystery and history is hidden beneath the bustling streets—the Paris Catacombs.  

As you embark on this subterranean journey, we’ll guide you through the enigmatic entrances and the winding pathways.  

Also, we’ll tell you the fascinating stories that are part of this underground labyrinth. 

The Entrances to the Catacombs of Paris

Underneath the famous streets of Paris, you can find the Catacombs. 

They are like bone-filled tunnels, holding the remains of around six million people.

But where does one enter this underground realm? 

The main entrance to the Paris Catacombs can be found in the 14th arrondissement, precisely at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy. 

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Here, the bones of people from long ago rest peacefully forever.

A Gateway to the Netherworld: Paris Catacombs Entrance to Hell

The Catacombs of Paris have garnered a reputation for transcending time and borders and are often called the “entrance to hell.”  

People might feel scared because of the spooky feeling, walls made of bones, and interesting stories about this special burial place. 

But don’t worry, exploring the Catacombs is like going on a fascinating history adventure, not a trip to a scary underworld. 

Unearthing Hidden Entrances and Secret Passageways

Beyond the well-known entrance at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, the Catacombs of Paris hold secrets beyond the public eye.  

Throughout time, brave explorers and city adventurers have found hidden entrances and paths leading to this underground city’s depths. 

But remember, using these secret entrances is against the law and very risky. 

Going into the Catacombs without permission and guidance is very risky. 

You could get lost in the maze of tunnels or face dangerous situations. 

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Paris Catacombs as you plan your visit. Check out guided tours, restricted access tours, city cards and more

Where to Find the Secret Entrance to the Paris Catacombs?

As enticing as it may seem, the exact locations of the secret entrances to the Paris Catacombs are purposely kept obscure. 

Urban legends and rumors may circulate about hidden access points. 

Still, authorities have taken measures to discourage unauthorized entry due to safety concerns.  

Instead, enjoy the feeling of curiosity and excitement when you see the official entrance. 

You’ll be amazed by the incredible experience waiting for you. 

Locating the Catacombs Paris Entrance

To locate the official entrance, go to the 14th arrondissement and follow the signs that guide you to the entrance’s unassuming green door. 

A small plaque inscribed with “Catacombes de Paris” marks the spot. 

As you descend the narrow, winding staircase, you’ll be transported back in time, entering a world with remnants of Parisian history.

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How Many Entrances to the Paris Catacombs Are There?

While rumors of hidden entrances abound, officially, there is only one main entrance to the Catacombs of Paris—the one located at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy.  

They only let a few people in to keep everyone safe and protect the historical importance of this amazing underground bone place. 

Navigating the Depths: Paris Catacombs Entrance Map

Before descending into the Catacombs, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the layout to ensure a smooth and safe journey. 

At the official entrance, you’ll receive a map that outlines the main routes and points of interest within the Catacombs. 

Follow the designated pathways and respect the instructions to maximize your visit.

Map of Paris Catacombs

Beneath the City: Paris Catacombs Stairs

As you venture deeper into the Catacombs, you’ll soon descend an extensive network of stairs. 

There are approximately 131 steps leading down to the underground world and 112 steps to ascend when you conclude your visit. 

The experience may be physically demanding, but it’s a small price to pay for the chance to witness this historical marvel.

Unraveling the Enigma: How Many Stairs Are There at the Paris Catacombs?

There are 131 steps to descend into the Catacombs and 112 steps to ascend back to the surface. 

Remember that the sense of mystery and history surrounding these ancient bones is far more captivating than the mere count of steps.

Don’t forget to check out the opening hours and best time to visit Paris Catacombs while you plan your visit. 

As you emerge from the Catacombs of Paris, you’ll carry with you the knowledge of a fascinating underground world and a profound appreciation for the rich history beneath the surface of this magnificent city. 

Remember, while the entrance to the Paris Catacombs may be a door into the past, it also reminds us to cherish and celebrate the vibrant life that thrives above ground in the enchanting City of Lights.


Where is the entrance to the Paris Catacombs?

The Paris Catacombs are situated beneath the streets of Paris, France. They are found in the 14th arrondissement, near the Denfert-Rochereau Square. The official entrance is located at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy. It is a famous historical attraction where visitors can explore underground tunnels filled with ancient skeletal remains.

What does it say at the entrance to the Paris Catacombs?

At the entrance to the Paris Catacombs, there is a sign that says “Arrêt! C’est ici l’empire de la Mort,” which translates to “Stop! This is the Empire of the Dead.” This eerie inscription serves as a warning and reminder of the unique and somber experience that awaits inside.

Featured Image: Commons.wikimedia.org

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